Zerum is a pioneer in the development of this technology. Learn more about the possibilities it brings.

To the letter, Wire Data refers to all information that travels through computer networks. In-depth analysis of this data set opens up a number of possibilities for solutions that monitor and extract data for more holistic and global action. After all, nothing that passes through the wire can escape.

We depend more and more on networks. And they are getting bigger and more complex. With data spread across different applications and systems, any disorder in this circulation can result in flickering and instability in transactions, causing losses. Through the process of real-time analysis, Wire Data Analytics is able to capture unstructured data directly from the network and rebuild the transactions that are traveling there, gathering high-detail information that generates insight into IT, security, and business operations.

“We can say that Wire Data Analytics is a methodology of exploring the information that travels in a network, in a continuous and meticulous way. Through the decoding of several protocols, Wire Data Analytics explores communications in detail, generating contextual, real time information that produces intelligent and accurate insights for decision-making. This methodology applies to any area of ​​the Datacenter and to the business context inherent in it”, Explains Heiner Ramos, Zerum’s expert.

A key aspect of Wire Data technology is that it allows you to track everything that generates data on the network. With it, you can ensure total visibility and not just on an isolated application, but on the entire Data Center. Globally, it provides higher quality information for more complex analyzes. Another innovative feature of the Wire Data analysis is the absence of agents, which can passively and non-intrusively collect data directly from the network without interfering with the IT environment.

This rich source of information aggregates data from users, applications, databases, storage arrays and infrastructure to servers and networks, analyzing all communications and transactions in that context. The solutions developed by Zerum use this technology to analyze complete transaction information, data flows and sessions, even in the most complex environments, without causing any impact. The basic goal is to present your business and operational data in a simple way, in real time.