Ensure your storage’s health and safety with Zerum. With data generation exponential growth, companies invest more and more in robust, sophisticated and expensive storage systems. However, slowness, invasions, Ransomware and other factors still threat your precious data. It’s time to start seeing storage as an integral part of the IT system and look for a tool that fully protects all systems, helping you better understand the flow and storage of your institution’s data.

Our solutions allow you to;

• Analyze applications of various protocols in real time, identifying IP/port of origin and destination, as well as the number of retransmissions, TCP connection status, quantity of traffic data and several other metrics. In a simple way, you can search the performance history of a specific transaction, such as a query in the database, the POST of an HTTP form or access to a file in the storage;
Check the impact of storage performance within the context of your users’ applications and experience;

• Capture the number of IOPs executed in a given moment;

• Define evaluation and performance models and criteria to guide IT technicians;

• Enhance security and identify threats to your data based on accurate analysis with our Wire Data analytics;

• Discover and classify all systems that interact with your storage infrastructure to understand and evaluate data flow.