Security in the technological environment is one of the main concerns of managers today. Cyber ​​attacks, system intrusions and data theft are increasingly sophisticated. Within complex sets, with millions of online transactions happening simultaneously, the risk is even greater. But is it possible to protect all this huge amount of data when it’s still a challenge to monitor it? The Zerum development process considers security as a priority and simplifies this mission, bringing visibility and transparency to operations to ensure the integrity of your systems.

With our solutions you can:
  • Obtain maximum visibility of your IT infrastructure, applications and database visibility, even in more complex environments, allowing you to monitor all transactions executed on thousands of simultaneous servers and protocols;

  • Receive reports and create custom dashboards for your security analysts, filtering the information needed for quick decision-making;

  • Analyze data and metrics that really impact your business, avoiding false-positives, correlating IT operational data with your project’s goals. By using this feature in development and homologation environments, you can avoid request interpretation errors, bringing more agility to development;

  • Monitor all information according to your organization’s security strategy;

  • With Data Center real time monitoring, it is possible to rely on greater speed to identify failures, performance issues, errors and find out their root cause;

  • Trace the history of all executed transactions in a simplified way, using textual search engines.