With the revolution brought about by the advance of the Internet of Things, data generation is growing exponentially – after all everything is generating data, all the time. To invest in intelligence for that data is to prepare for an ever closer future. Our solutions will help your company to get into Internet of Things once and for all, putting IT management in control of all development processes. Our technologies allow you to collect and organize all the data generated from all things, and generate insights about connected devices that impact your business, without the need of big investments on your infrastructure redesign and adaptation.

Our solutions allow you to:

• Monitor each device and receive usage analysis fully customized for each case;

• Draw maps with IoT device’s geolocation;

• Analyse transactions to identify flaws in devices like cameras, sensors, controls, machines, etc.;

• Trigger custom alarms, which can even perform actions on external systems and automate tasks;

• Correlate information from different monitored devices and make decisions based on it;

• Retrieve retroactive data to identify possible faults that had no relevance in the past, but which you have at the present time.