Information Technology companies play a key role in the public and private sectors by managing the set of all activities and solutions geared towards technological resources that aim to enable the acquisition, storage, access, management and use of information. Industry challenges go beyond the need for skilled professionals to manage an exponential volume of data generation. These companies need to combine cost savings with up-to-date and modern infrastructure to deliver quality and relevant work. After all, information is a patrimony and its management can determine the survival or discontinuity of a business’s activities.

Our solutions allow you to:

• Extract real-time business metrics that aid in your decision making;

• Monitor systems in a non-intrusive way to ensure delivery at the service level agreed upon with your customers;

• Perform complete analysis of all transactions, monitoring the behavior of the applications and the final experience of each user;

• Check for unexpected anomalies in monitored environments;

• Improve the development performance of your teams by avoiding rework that impacts deadlines;

• Compare the composition of Datacenters and transactions performed in periods between releases;

• Analyze the capacity of databases by generated tables, used fields, objects poorly constructed and clauses used with bad practices;

• Make more accurate decisions about your infrastructure needs;

• Receive customizable alarms whenever system faults or anomalies are identified.