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Wire Data Analytics powered by ZML™
Zerum Machine Learning

What makes us different?

We make things simpler
Our solutions, interface, feedback and management
tools are as simple as you need them.

What makes us different?

We are obsessed by performance
We offer quick and easy access to collected information
in real time, with the market's most innovative solutions.

What makes us different?

Real-time Analytics for operations and business

Evaluate vital metrics for your company in real-time.

Transaction Traceability

Find out everything that happened on your systems and infrastructure.

Anomaly Detection

Be warned about any event that escapes from normality.

Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

Evaluate the performance of every transaction between clients and systems.


Intelligence, Analysis, Security and Monitoring.

Operational Intelligence

With Operational Intelligence it is possible to immediately detect failures and identify the root cause, avoiding financial losses and reputation damage. By monitoring all critical systems in real time without any performance impact on your IT environment, our solutions are able to extract and present various business metrics.

Performance Analysis

Obtain granular information about slow and faulty transactions, response time evaluation, server processing, network latency and details on client or system request failures. Applications with various protocols are analyzed in real time and stored, allowing you to search and study you transaction performance history.


We execute maximum level of control over IT operations. Our solutions allow you to detect not only when new services are made available and who is accessing them, but to discover transactions related to unauthorized services or clients, suspicious parameters in URLs, volume, origin, destination and transaction content anomalies.

Database Monitoring

We centrally monitor transactions of every database in your IT environment. Our solutions allow you to identify duplicate and obsolete tables; detect data leakage; evaluate which resources can be disabled; identify poorly made requests and the execution of unauthorized tasks.

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Analyze all your web applications; identify performance flaws, transaction errors and security issues.


Monitor transactions without using agents and with no impact on performance. Examine application and user transactions with your database in real time.


Extract quality and performance metrics from your infrastructure’s services.


In addition to the advanced features of ZML™ – Zerum Machine Learning, our solutions can be integrated with external AI platforms such as IBM Watson.



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