Large banks and e-commerce companies handle a huge volume of transactions on a daily basis. These highly complex environments are vital to business and their services can not be disrupted. Problems in simpler IT tools in a financial organization can result in lost investments and frustrated customers. After all, time is money. With the technology developed by Zerum it is possible to monitor all financial transactions in real time, ensuring visibility and rapid identification of failures.

With our solutions you can:
  • Monitor in real time all your traffic, decoding information at the transaction level;
  • Detect anomalies on machines and critical systems through intelligent algorithms capable of automatically identify your system’s usage patterns;
  • Obtain quick identification of the point of failure in the environment, be it network, application or database;
  • Receive fully customizable alarms that you can use as all metadata extracted from streams and events, or combinations thereof, that help anticipate environmental trends;
  • Create management dashboards and custom techniques to keep track of the most important metrics.