Companies and energy companies work with large complex networks that connect stations, substations and distributors with operating centers. Technology can significantly benefit this industry that supports critical mission equipment and systems. Optimizing the IT tools of these institutions means providing a faster, safer and higher quality service for the users, besides allowing control and saving actions in the distribution of energy. The solutions developed i Zerum can bring more agility and help in the performance of more efficient systems.

Our solutions allow you to:
  • Monitor critical systems and their availability history, in a non-intrusive way without impacting the infrastructure;
  • Analyze and identify real time anomalies to discover failures before they impact users;
  • Correlate analytical data to help identify breakpoints or bottlenecks in the IT environment;
  • Have a 360-degree view of your entire IT environment, such as network, application, and database;
  • Get real time business-critical information that can guide rapid decision making.