Great nations invest in the highest technology for their cyber defense, as defense and national security agencies face new challenges to safeguard the entire territory. Identifying failure points across multiple assets can be a slow and costly task, but the solutions developed by Zerum enable full and real time visibility of all systems in the IT environment quickly and efficiently.

With our solutions you can:

• Store metadata for all network traffic, with Analytics tools that enable quick textual searching;

• Receive alarms on anomalous conditions in flows, transactions in applications, DNS, SSL;

• Promote the investigation of internal and external attacks with the reconstruction of the content trafficked in its environment;

• Assist in the composition of fundamental aspects of National Defense strategies;

• Perform integration with SIEM systems and cognitive analysis;

• Run Deep Packet Inspection on large volumes of data;

• Assist in real time data management with the possibility to generate dashboards that integrate information from different points of the defense organs;

• Track access to a database and files to ensure data security;

• Receive detailed metrics of applications such as specific users, files, errors, and techniques to isolate the root cause of problems very quickly.