Download available resources to learn more about Zerum’s solutions.

Zerum Falcon™ Datasheet: Solution Overview

See why Zerum Falcon is the complete Wire Data Analytics solution for real-time data monitoring and analysis, providing full IT and business visibility of big operations.

Zerum Falcon™ Datasheet: Support and Professional Services

Zerum offers smart and flexible technical support and Professional Services options. Get to know our service options have tailored expertise to drive your project.

Zerum Falcon™ Datasheet: Fast Data

Learn how Zerum offers a robust, but accessible, secure and uncomplicated platform that will help your company to extract data’s full value all the way from network capture to business results.

Zerum Falcon™ WDC

See the features and technical specifications of Zerum Falcon ™ WDC, our appliance that collects and decodes events and transactions from multiple protocols directly from the network, in real-time.

Zerum Falcon™ WDA

See the features and technical specifications of Zerum Falcon™ WDA, our appliance that indexes, stores and analyzes data received from the Zerum Falcon™ WDC.

ZML – Zerum Machine Learning

ZML – Zerum Machine Learning is the set of Artificial Intelligence technologies developed by Zerum to speed up data understanding and simplify man-machine interaction on large scale operations.