Download available resources to learn more about Zerum’s solutions.

Zerum Falcon™ Datasheet: Solution Overview

See why Zerum Falcon is the complete Wire Data Analytics solution for real-time data monitoring and analysis, providing full IT and business visibility of big operations.

Zerum Falcon™ Datasheet: Support and Professional Services

Zerum offers smart and flexible technical support and Professional Services options. Get to know our service options have tailored expertise to drive your project.

Zerum Falcon™ Datasheet: Fast Data

Learn how Zerum offers a robust, but accessible, secure and uncomplicated platform that will help your company to extract data’s full value all the way from network capture to business results.

Zerum Falcon™ WDC

See the features and technical specifications of Zerum Falcon ™ WDC, our appliance that collects and decodes events and transactions from multiple protocols directly from the network, in real-time.

Zerum Falcon™ WDA

See the features and technical specifications of Zerum Falcon™ WDA, our appliance that indexes, stores and analyzes data received from the Zerum Falcon™ WDC.

Zerum Titan™ Datasheet

Zerum Titan ™ is the Big Data platform designed to meet the challenges of your organization. Based on Apache Hadoop, the solution delivers integrated hardware, software and services to simplify infrastructure operations and make your data management and business analysis smarter.

Zerum Lynx™ Datasheet

Zerum Lynx™ is the intelligent Security Analytics solution designed to provide the vision you need to uncover and outsmart advanced cyber threats. Access the datasheet to learn more.

Zerum Sentinel™ Datasheet

Zerum Sentinel™ uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to support Public Security agencies in combating and preventing crime. With advanced Machine Learning algorithms, the tool analyzes data from millions of police records to map, in real-time, locations and periods with the highest risk of new occurrences, making your decision-making safer and more assertive.

ZML™ – Zerum Machine Learning

ZML™ – Zerum Machine Learning is the set of Artificial Intelligence technologies developed by Zerum to speed up data understanding and simplify man-machine interaction on large scale operations.

Zerum Machine Learning Services

With Zerum’s professional services you can have Machine Learning to perform different analytics , and customized it according to the demands of your business, to automate manual processes and detect anomalies.