Monitoring databases is a constant challenge but solutions developed at Zerum aim for compatibility with the most used bases of the world. With a centralized tool it is possible to evaluate transaction e find out potential issues.

Our solutions allow you to:
  • Capture 100% of your SQL transactions and verify their performance in real-time;
  • Visualize and analyse the reponse time of application requests on databases, check the quality of those requests and finding slowness and errors, without the need for extra costs with licensing different database servers;
  • Evaluate which objects on your database need to be rebuilt;
  • Identify duplicated or obsolete tables and analyse how they are being built and used related to other tables on your base;
  • Analyze the transactional quality regarding bad practices of database objects building by quantity of requests and average and maximum response times;
  • Get fully customized reports in xls or pdf file formats, editable or not, with or without graphics, containing summary tables, single charts and generating alerts for slowness and errors in all database transactions.