Applications and Systems

To ensure your company systems’ high performance is a constant challenge. With innovative technology it is possible to make deep analysis that reveal your application and system’s quality and performance, even on the most complex IT environments.

With our solutions you can:
  • Identify aggressions to your computacional system and receive solution suggestions;
  • Analyse, with quantitative and percentage metrics, the transactional quality of monitored and competitors’ metrics;
  • Detect failures that other tools available on the market can’t, because in addition to analyzing AppServer traffic linked to monitored applications, our solutions allow you to analyze unexpected traffic in monitored application servers;
  • Verify TCP connections on your application linked servers, generating Closed Connection, Non-Closed Connection, Connections with only the Syn Packet sent, and Refused and Restarted Connections statuses, and analyze HTTP/HTTPS acquisition and response’s headers and bodies; 
  • Receive custom reports with metric demonstrations for Normal, Slow and faulty HTTP/HTTPS transactions;
  • Being Plug and Play, our solutions allow all those analysis to be totally passive (non-intrusive), without the need of a setup which may impact the IT environment and generate overhead;