About Zerum

Zerum develops innovative products that combine Artificial Intelligence and Big/Fast/Machine Data to accelerate the understanding of moving data and provide real-time visibility and understanding to large organizations. With a highly trained support team, we deliver advanced operations, business and cyber security monitoring and analysis solutions for the most complex environments.


To develop the best solutions to accelerate the comprehension of moving data, for operations and business


To be a company recognized for expanding the knowledge in technology through the constant evolution of its collaborators and the continuous search for innovation in all solutions it produces


To uncomplicate with quality

We strive for maximum performance with minimal complexity

To innovate with authenticity

We create new solutions that add real value to our customers

To develop people

We believe and invest in the technical and human potential of our employees

Commitment to the solution

We make it possible to solve more problems with less technical effort


We never cross our arms before the opportunity to help and innovate


At Zerum, we believe in the development of people. Our team is formed by highly qualified and constantly updating professionals, in an environment where research, innovation and results meet.